Audacious Dreams Foundation

Global Understanding for Sustainable Development (GUSD)

We introduce ourself “Audacious Dreams Foundation”(ADF),India aims to inspire, inform, engage, enable and empower youth for global understanding and sustainable development.

As part of our organisation’s mandate Global Understanding and Sustainable Development(GUSD) : we promote Mainstreaming youth participation at International level by various measures using Exchange programme, Interstate/country cultural forum, volunteer & Internship abroad, Inter Country Youth forums, policy making at international level to raise youth voice and strengthening “Be Seen, Be Heard”.

In the past, we have hosted volunteers and youth exchange programme from UK,Srilanka,China,Malaysia,Mauritius etc. Your application and resume looks impressive and we are sure that having you as volunteer in our Audacious Dreams Volunteer Aborad programme will add value to our community development initiatives . Hereby We would like to extend an invitation to host you as volunteer/study Abroad participant

We believe this GUSD programme will give an opportunity to unleash the potential of our you and Indian nationals to empower themselves and community around them. This GUSD visit help our fellow youth to create peace talks, civic responsibility, culture understanding, policy exchange, Management skills,communication, rich diverse experience, field visits etc. We see opportunity for youth to develop and engage with societal issues to be a part of new generation change agent.

Host Organisation - Audacious Dreams Audacious Dreams Foundation (ADF),India, aims to inspire, inform, engage, enable and empower youth for global understanding and sustainable development by using various measures starring from mutual dialogue, education, sports, rural development, policy making, adolescent health, environment, women empowerment, social entrepreneurship, vocational training etc.


Our Programmes are as follows:

  • Audacious Dreams International Volunteer
  • Group Study Exchange
  • Intern Abroad





for more details please visit our gusd website