Audacious Dreams Foundation

We the Audacious Dreams Foundation contributes extensively to the Sports for Development (S4D) and Sports for Development and Peace (SDP) sector by promoting various programmes and policies at local and global level.

We do this through the Following

     Challenge India- Empowering Young People through Sports and Experiential Learning
     Youth Advocacy Toolkit Training
     Providing Sports Equipments
     Village Olympics
     International S4D/SDP policy & networking events, participations and contributions

    Promoting best practices by publishing articles, case studies and newsletter

Empowering young people through Sports and Experiential learning

Challenge India, a flagship programme of Audacious Dreams Foundation aims to Empower Young People through Sports and Experiential Learning

This programme will give adolescent youth the best opportunity to unleash their real potential to empower themselves. Our programme components includes Life Skills, Adolescent health, global understanding, civic citizenship, career planning to be a part of new generation change agent

We are working with various partners to make sure the programme gives quality experience to the participants and relevant stakeholders

We use Commonwealth Youth Sports for Development and Peace (CYSDP) proudly supported by Commonwealth Secretariat, SDP Youth Advocacy toolkit to strengthen capacity of our Youth Mentors and Community Coach

We use comprehensive methodologies to train the participants through our Sports for Development programme and our curriculum focuses on:

     Life Skills
     Civic Citizenship
     Adolescent Health
     Global Understanding and Sustainable Development
     Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

We are working with youth from 10 to 19 ages in communities, schools and above 18 students in colleges as Community Youth Ambassador

WHY support us- Raise your voice

Audacious Dreams believes that sports and experiential learning is a best way to develop our young people to be the change agent in the world. And by supporting Audacious Dreams, you can be sure that you are supporting a social organization that really can empower the young people lives through sport and experiential learning.

The vibrant commitment of our Strategic Partners/Audacious Dreams Fellows/Change making Ambassadors shows that we can inspire long-term change to Challenge India. Sports is not a just a hobby or entertainment, it is a career and livelihood for a sports person, sports used as peace mission in conflict countries, sports helps to reduce HIV/AIDS rate in Africa, In many ways sports plays vital role such as sports for education, health, development and peace.

But it is not sufficient for Audacious dreams to make only minimum changes. The real goal is to see the maximum sustainability on ground reach to shape perfect citizen for our planet. This is why the support you can give won't just help today, but keep helping in future.

How your contribution is used

Audacious Dreams will use it to directly help improve the lives of children through the power of sport and experiential learning. That’s because 100% of your support goes straight to “Challenge India” project – An initiative by Audacious Dreams Foundation

We invite you to support this programme as a strategic partner and begin your journey with us to produce young change agents. We would like to have you on board as one of our prominent Audacious Dreams foundation's partners to support Challenge India to inspire, inform, engage, enable and empower our young people.

Further Details

As this project is in its early stage of implementation and so the role of strategic partners will be great and our partners' brand will grow with us to a greater heights.

Contribution: 30 Lakh per year

INR (Rupee)
30,00,000 per year


     Your partnership will help us to form organizational structure, Branding, marketing collaterals, PR tools, media relations, forming Human resource with qualified employees, volunteers etc.
     Founding partners will travel through our project for initial for a year with annual contribution of 1 lakh INR per year for renewal of MOU which helps to expand our projects to more units
     Huge brand visibility will be given in our events, regional, national and international partner events, newsletter, website, mailers, stationeries, t shirts, uniforms, promotions, social media etc.
     Opportunity to contribute in our board of directors meeting, partners meet, social gathering etc. to have your voice to be heard
     Your contribution supports us to cover Operations, Training & Monitoring, Human resource, communication, coaches, etc.
     Clear financial reports will be submitted bi- annually.
     Partner will be recognized in The Great Indian Awards, well-wisher ceremony, annual gathering and in our various events.
     Visits to project sites and access to sponsored kids.

(With your Initial support for one year, we can able to reach 1000+ children which will be expanded in the following years)

It takes Rs 3000 to support a kid for one year to participate in our programme. Each participant will undergo 50 hours program per year

Fellowship Contribution Benefits
Community Hero(CH) Fellow 1000 per month
12 months commitment
4 students will be benefited through one year S4D and experiential learning Programme
Super Community Hero(SCH) Fellow 2000 per month
12 months commitment
8 students will be benefited through one year S4D and experiential learning Programme
Action Hero(AC) Fellowship Rs 5000 per month
12 month commitment
40 students
Audacious Super Human Fellowship Rs 10000 per month
12 month commitment
Supports fulltime staff

Project Centre partner

Contribution per one project Centre: Beneficiaries 100 members

Currency Per Month Per year 80 participants per year
Rupees 30000 300000 3000 per kid per year

Contribution: As your wish, as you can. Please choose from the following options

Item Nos In INR
Uniform 1 350
Uniform 10nos 3500
Uniform 100nos 35000

As per the recent United Nations research results explained that even though few and Govt schools providing free education, hided costs such as stationeries, uniforms, travel expenses to school, sports also forced the students to drop out from the school because of poverty line

Partners can support to provide needed stationeries and sports material for a year to students through our sports for development programme

Item(for one year) Nos INR
Notebooks, stationeries Per student 600
Sports materials Per unit(100 participants) 60000

We request your maximum support to be our Human Resource partner to improve our quality, quantity, expansion and best outcome of the project. Human resource makes the project worthy and sustainable.

Contribution: per year

25,00,000(25 lakh) per year to support our basic human resources

Human Resource Per month INR per annum
Dist Manager - Projects 30000 3,60,000
Manager- Training and Development 25000 3,00,000
Manager- Partnerships and Communications 25000 3,00,000
Community Coaches( 10 nos) 10000 x 10 12,00, 000
Interns 5000 x 5 3,00,000

      Your support will help us to attend various stakeholders, sports, partners meet in local/regional, international level
      Visits to local excursion sites for children to explore new things
      Travel assistance for our volunteers, coaches and participants
      We need support from the institutions to provide your trainers, venues to run events, training seminars etc. To develop curriculum, training manual etc
      We request qualified individuals to support us through your guest lectures, appearance, fund raiser, training of volunteers, community sports coaches, trainers, train the trainers etc.
ADF is serving as Think Tank and do policy contributions for many national, International and Inter governmental agencies in the youth and Sports for Development sector.
To highlight Audacious Dreams Foundation’s superior contribution, it closely works with Commonwealth Youth Sports for Development and Peace (CYSDP), Commonwealth Secretariat to promote Sports for Development activities in Asia and Commonwealth by Advocating, Demostrating, Educating the stakeholders and policymakers.

Adf’s some of the Notable achievements and contributions in the SDP sector

• Framed Commonwealth Youth Sports for Development Advocacy Toolkit and delivering the same in India and also in Malta during the Commonwealth Youth Forum, Commonwealth heads of Govts Meeting(CHOGM 2015)
• Participated in the Commonwealth Sports Breakfast with Heads of Govts during CHOGM 2015,Malta
• Conducted multiple Youth Advocacy SDP Toolkit Workshop in India, Malta
• Hosted International Day of Sports for Development and Peace(IDSDP) events
• Contributed to Annual General Body Meeting of CYSDP during Commonwealth Sports Ministers Meeting(CSMM),Commonwealth Games, Glasgow
• Invited as Speaker during Youth for Change and Girl Summit, London,UK
• Contributed to frame policy interventions for member govts @ Commonwealth Sports and Post 2016 Forum, London
• Commonwealth Asia Region Youth Ministers Meeting,(CYMM)
• Goal Programme- Partnership Meeting, New Delhi
• Best entered selected Project during Beyond Sports Summit and Awards, Chicago etc.
• Regional Partner- UNICEF Adolescent Youth Consultation to frame Policies for UNICEF
We provide Youth Advocacy toolkit training to relevant stakeholders including youth workers, sports persons, ngos, instituions,faculties, community coaches, mentors in order to deliver quality youth development and sports for development programmes in the community
We use several methodologies including Commonwealth Youth Sports for Development and Peace (CYSDP), Commonwealth Secretariat Advocacy Toolkit to conduct trainings and to measure impact
Audacious Dreams Foundation represents Asia Region in the CYSDP and also serves for policy formulation, implementation across Commonwealth Countries
We promote sports by promoting the concept “Right to play” and “Sports for All” by promoting equal opportunities and participation. Each and every child in the world should have access to play at least once in a life time if not on a daily basis because of much bias including gender, social access etc.
We provide opportunities for grassroots children to play sport by conducting inter-village sports Olympics in the region where sports is always a distant dream of many. Audacious Dreams pledge to bridge the gap
No Access to sports equipments cause the children to stop playing sports on a daily basis. Audacious Dreams provides sports equipments for the deserved children and community to create sustainable sporting environment
• Highlighting the best grassroots practices and case studies in the SDP sector,
• Writing case studies and articles
• Publishing about socially responsible projects
• Documentaries etc