Audacious Dreams Foundation
Malhardeen Abdul Azeez

Whatever heights I reach, the credits go to Audacious Dreams Foundation-ADF,India I never dreamed whom I am today, but inspirations, encouragements, recognition of Audacious Dreams foundation uplifted my future in Social work and youth work. Thank you all the members of Audacious Dreams and special salute and Thanks to Dinesh Gajendran You're like director Balachandar who made multiple super stars to the world. Where ever I shine, I'll remember the guidance and love you showed always.

Malhardeen Abdul Azeez - Secretary at International Youth Council - SriLankan Chapter

Rajan Singh Rai

As a first time tourist to the south India, without being able to speak Tamil, I felt extremely safe at all times and was able to communicate well in English.  My host Dinesh Gajendran and his family were extremely generous and welcoming. Overall, I have made lifelong contacts and have gained valuable experiences that have motivated me to spread the message of Audacious Dreams Foundation as an ambassador in England.

Bharath Kumar
  I feel proud to say that I am a volunteer at Audacious Dreams Foundation touching thousands of lives in the grassroots
Santhosh Jayakanthan
My work in Audacious Dreams Foundation started as an intern in an office with like-minded people around me, where I didn't understand what they are talking about in the beginning but slowly they started teaching me things from the very basics. Then I understood that I was not working in a small office but thousands of school children and grassroots youth all around me. As a learner I started my work but after some days Audacious changed me into something different and something which I thought I would never be. Thanks to Audacious Dreams!  
I am a one of the delegates of India - Sri Lanka Youth Exchange 2017, I am amazed to see the works Audacious Dreams is involved in. I would like to come back to India as a volunteer at Audacious Dreams Foundation to get myself involved in any of their grassroots projects.