Audacious Dreams Foundation

Among the diversified social roles that we play, we also boast expertise in Training and Development of professionals like corporate workers, social workers, youth workers, institution faculties, staff, student leaders etc. In our Training and Development history we have successfully touched and transformed lives of more than 20000 individuals in and around South India and across the globe. We aim to create a vibrant work space with diversified skill sets.

What is Training & Development

Training and Development is an essential system of an organization and core function of human resource management. It ensures continuous skill development of employees working in company / organization and habituates process of learning for developing knowledge to work. Training and Development is the foundation for obtaining quality output from employees.

Why is it Necessary?

In an ever changing and fast paced corporate world, training and development is an indispensable function. Training and development is one of the lowest things on the priority list of most companies. There is, however, enormous value in organizing proper training and development sessions for employees. Training allows the individuals to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, perform better, increase productivity and be better leaders. We understand that the company is obliged to everything in its power to help the employees work more efficiently and happily. We aspire to bring every individual trainee to reach his/her full potential. Given below are a few among the many segments we cover under our Training and Development wing:

Why we are Unique

We at Audacious are aware of the fact that a organisation which invests in training and development generally aims at having satisfied human resource. Our exercises are known for their relevancy to the employees and one from which they can learn and take back something. The individuals who attend our programs come out refreshed with changed perspectives.

Our main aim through our Training and Development Sector is to transform companies into a learning organization and encourage a culture of continual learning among employees. Our network facilitates various training sessions, based on experiential learning methodologies. The results from our training and development initiatives have been very positive and it clearly shows that it is not a fad.

Training and development programs can have a huge impact on a company. Like every other function in your company, training and development should be focused on producing targeted and tangible results for the business.

Our Innovation in Training and development:

We value that human life and time is very special. We made it clear that our training workshops should not concentrate only on the profitability of the organisation rather it should give personal touch and life time experience to the participants. We use Life Skills as mechanism and medium in all our trainings to equip the quality of the training and also to make the training live and updated and assuring 100% fun learning environment with through experiential learning.

Life skills for employability enhancement and Training & Development

World Health organization (WHO) defines Life skills, as abilities to adjust to changing situations in a positive manner which in turn will help you face challenges in your day-to-day life.

We planned to train the beneficiaries in Life skills like Self- Awareness, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Decision making, Problem solving, Effective communication, Interpersonal relationship, Coping with emotion, Coping with stress. The life skill techniques will support the employees to act necessary according the situation demands.

Use Life Skill training module to improve administration and employee management and interpersonal skills

The various topics we cover through our Training/workshops in institutions, universities including. We conceptualise the combination and methodologies of Training workshops based on the needs and demands of the audience. We do need analysis and sit with the management One on One to discuss and finalise the needs and expectation of the organization. Obviously the training should be 2 way.

For Institutions
     Life skills
     Self awareness
     Critical thinking
     Creative thinking
     Decision making
     Problem solving
     Effective communication
     Interpersonal relationship
     Coping with stress
     Coping with emotions
     Life style management
     Health management
     Spiritual management
     Conflict management
     Nutrition management
     Relationship management
     Etiquette management
     Volunteerism for nation building
     Youth development
     Initiative management
     Participatory learning environment
     Experiential learning
     Adolescent health
     Civic citizenship
     Global Understanding for Sustainable Development
     United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
     Gender Equality/ Gender sensitization
     Negotiation skills
     Good touch and bad touch
     Drug awareness and prevention
     Vocational training
     Leadership skills
     Simple Science experiments
     Star Gazing
     Telescope making
     Arts Crafts
     Leaf Art
     Animation Drawing
     Capacity Building for newly hired
     Teacher training
     Human Resource Management
     Employee Retention
     School Management
     Teacher-Student environment
     Public Image
     Imagination Beyond
     Risk Management
     Policy Training
     Framing Organisational policy
     Time bound
     Goal Setting
For Corporates/Organisation
     Time management
     Stress management
     Leadership & self empowerment
     Team building
     Managerial effectiveness
     Conflict management
     Change management
     Soft skill and personality development
     Effective negotiation skills
     Body language
     Emotional excellence
     Work life management
     Leadership & Team bounding through outdoor
     Business ethics & professionalism
     Manpower consulting
     Business performance management
     Change management
     Recruitment solutions
     Project management
     Train the trainer
     Innovation. Creativity and lateral thinking
     Problem solving & Decision making
     Coaching and Mentoring
     Public speaking
     Effective communication skills
     Effective presentation skills
     Meeting skills and Listening skills
     Power of positive thinking and attitude
     Risk management
     Corporate etiquette & Grooming
     Interpersonal relations
     Confidence building
     New employee motivation
     Parenting for employees
     Sales Audit
     HR Audit
     Sales forecast
     Corporate social responsibilities management
     Training content development
     Sales excellence program
     Customer service excellence program
     Management development program
     Performance coaching
     Pain study Area
     Channel building
     Managing upward
     Career management
     Meeting management
Our Methodologies Include
     Experiential Learning
     Classroom Lecture Method
     Group Discussion Method
     Simulation Exercises Method
     Role playing Method
     Case study Method
     Management Games Method
     Coaching and Mentoring
     Sensitivity Training Method.
Optimum Utilization of Human Resources

We help in optimizing the utilization of human resource that will help the employee to achieve the organizational goals as well as their individual goals.

Development of Human Resources

We help to provide an opportunity and a broad structure for the development of human resources’ technical and behavioral skills in an organization. We also help employees in attaining personal growth.

Development of skills of employees

We help in increasing the job knowledge and skills of employees at each level. It helps to expand the horizons of human intellect and an overall personality of the employees.


We help in increasing the productivity of the employees that in turn will help the organization to achieve its long-term goal.

Team spirit

We help in inculcating the sense of team work, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations which in turn inculcates the zeal to learn within the employees.

Organization Culture

We help to develop and improve the organizational health culture and effectiveness.

Organization Climate

We help in building the positive perception and feeling about the organization.

Healthy work environment

We help in creating a healthy working environment. It helps to build good employee, relationship so that individual goals aligns with organizational goal.


We help in improving the morale of the work force.


We help in creating a better corporate image.


Our Training and Development leads to improved profitability and more positive attitudes towards profit orientation. We at Audacious Dreams firmly believe that Training is all about knowing where you stand at present, no matter how good or bad the current situation looks, and where you will be after some point of time. And all the techniques of our Training and Development program are different means towards achieving those ends for the organization.

The better trained the employees of any industry will be, the better would be its productivity.

1. Empowering Young Leaders' Potential (EYLP)

EYLP is an annual leadership training programme for young people. Since 2013 we have trained and inspired 150 young leaders from diversified background across the South Asia. 2013 |2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017

2. Empowering Youth Workers Potential & Professionalism (EYWPP)

Empowering Youth Workers Potential is a Training & Development programme for vibrated Youth workers. We have started this training & development programme since 2018. 2016

3. Empowering Raising Managers Potential (ERMP)

Empowering Raising Managers Potential (ERMP) is a annual leadership training programme for Young Business graduate. We have started this programme in 2017. 2017

We are sure you and your organsiation need better environment, a friend, a co worker, a trusted employee, a service provider, techies, miracles etc. What if you get all at one place? You are here !!!
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As a team of strong experienced management professionals at global platform, we can add asset to the organization in the way but limited to
(A unique policy will be launched on each agenda with various consultations)

     Body Image : Image Building of the organization across all forms of community and stake holders
     Networking : Build the network of likeminded professional to strengthen the organizational image
     Partnerships: Build needed partnership and strengthening the structured commitment and relation building with partners across India and abroad
     Module : Responsible Introduce various innovative success modules for brand building from grass root level
     Campaigns: to target growth with profitability ex: a project to build a brand of organisation among 30km radius, the name of the brand should be in the minds of people
     Outreach: Promote and build the brand from national brand to Global brand
     Brand visibility : regional, national and international partner meets
     Marketing collaterals : coordination to events, newsletter, website, mailers,
     Administration: Stationeries, uniforms, promotions
     Media engagement : coordination with all forms of media print & electronic
     Social reach : a strong social media platform with the target audience in the target period with the support of qualified social media giants
     Public Relations : PR with outside of the organizations should be strengthen to build the brand among stake holders
Events, Outreach & Public Image
     Corporate events should be encouraged to maintain mutual relationship with clients
     Flash events should be done to create eagerness towards brand
     Birthdays, wedding, friendship, employee relationship events should be done periodically
     Entertainment based knowledge sharing sessions should be organized
     Supporting togetherness and family boding of employees which make them think and contribute for the brand with high level involvement
     Supporting the future generation of employees through various platforms
     Outreach policy should engage customers and they should feel happy and proud to connect with brand
     A grand events/ socially connected public image events ( Guinness Record Attempts, Mass programme etc)
Corporate Social Responsibility & Community Initiatives

Create CSR policy for organization as an ultimate goal for the moment which adds value for the orgnisation by not only bringing social benefits where it has been considered as an investment for commercial returns in future

     Mapping of opportunities to mainstream CSR as an investment opportunity for social good and corporate returns
     Well research will be implemented to identify the need based demands
     CSR should match the organization’s vision and mission
     Forming a team of in house or independent experts for coordination of community initiatives
     New form of innovative projects to engage local community(sports for development, life skills, civic citizenship, global analysis, mutual dialogue etc)
     Building partnership for strategic affairs and fund raising opportunities
     Skill development to the needy
     Sector wise outreach to promote the products through social events
     Applying for Awards and Recognitions
     Network and participating in International agency consultations to build the network of the Brand

Oh… Life is so hectic. No worries. Give your gadgets to us. We will manage your social media,
You save time. We give business. Yes we mean it

     Facebook  Youtube
     Twitter  Wikepedia
     Instagram Skype/video platform
     Linkedin Search Engine Optimisation
     Maintaining overall aspects of the page Day to Day
     Audience selection, visual appeal, research, competitive strategy formulation
     Running contests to maintain the page live
     Boosting audience engagement
     Running the campaign and special product and theme based campaigns
     Managing ads
     Convergence marketing
     Data and research
     Monitoring and evaluation
     Managing budget ad campaigns
     Maintaining overall aspects of the pages
     Running Tweetathon as per the trend of the market
     Connecting to the national and global trends
     Media strategy to engage with market updates
     Data management & maintaining audience engagement
     A day to day update of the organisation
     Fun loving aspects of employees
     A productive series of campaigns and maintaining employee and audience engagement
     Creating life long memories for the organization, employees, customers
     Maintaining organisation profile which adds value and goodwill among partners, recruiters, audience, customers and clients
     Linkedin will be considered as one point of contact of orgnisation, its profile, awards, recommendations, skill set, history etc.
     Having profile in linkedin has been considered as high profile organization among our stakeholders

    The power of seeing is more than saying. Visual appeal is always a best medium of promoting a brand

     Maintaining Youtube account for the organization which will have important future of the organisation, employee section, employers inputs, memories, events, projects etc.
     The account will have an history of happening of the organisation
Skype & Video Conferencing
     A video platform will be created to interact with employees and stakeholder across branches
     Having skype and conference accounts will have an impact and it will be considered as professional orgnisation.
     Believability among stakeholders will be highlighted
     A mechanism and strategy to create online presence for the Brand.
     With innovative strategy, the brand visibility of the organization will be the high point of sale when compare to our competitors
     The Brand will be highlighted in the chosen sector and it will be the star brand in the search engine
     A diversified, convergence approach will be delivered for high quality online presence
Wikipedia & Software

The first powerful data management and priority source of encyclopedia in the world for any brand in search engine optimization

     Creating brand Presence in the Wikipedia will result in creating a high profile image of organization among stakeholders
     A strong content writing and editing should be on place to maintain up to date history and happenings
The Major brands we work with

We are regularly empowering the lives of many employees, youth workers, academicians and diversified professionals through our Training programme. We have delivered and organized training, lectures, seminars, workshops, events and also work with various International agencies for providing capacity building, training, research, etc.

Companies/Organisations Institution
Avanti Fellows Indian Institute of Management(IIM)
Ambalal Shares and Stocks Pvt Ltd Vellore Institute of Technology, VIT University, Vellore, Chennai
VIT Law School, Chennai
Pondichery University, Puduchery
Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai
Nehru Group of Institutions, Coimbatore
Academy of Prisons and Correctional Administration(APCA) Jerusalem Engineering College, Chennai
Commonwealth Youth Sports for Development and Peace(CYSDP) Jamal Institute of Management, Trichy
SSM School of Management, Komarapalayam
Commonwealth Youth Council(CYC) Auxilium College, Katpadi
Commonwealth Students Association(CSA) DKM College, Vellore
The International Award for Young People,(IAYP)India
National Youth Achievement Award, Srilanka Jamal Mohd College, Trichy
The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award KMG College, Gudiyattam
Rotary International
Gold Award Holders Association

Doon Schools, Dehradun Akshayah Matriculation schools, Chennai
Hope Town School, Dehradun Beta group of schools
Shristi Schools, Vellore
Cresent Matric School, Chennai
Desia Matric School, vellore
Narayani Public School