Audacious Dreams Foundation

Women Empowerment & Vocational Training

Audacious Dreams Organization went for installation of 400 smokeless oven in surrounding 12 villages of Maval Taluka that gave the opportunity to come in close contact with village women. Audacious Dreams Organization did a rigorous training of village women that strengthen the women by imparting training on hygiene, safe drinking water, nutrition, mother and child care, basic right of the women, fight against alcohol, various sexual diseases, preventive health, household management, group dynamics and how to form groups and to run livelihood projects through agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry, diary, fruit tree cultivation and running small business like shops, flour mill etc. Audacious Dreams Organization started women’s self Help Group and ventured into the financial matter where their own savings group and extend loan to the needy women of their group.
Since then till today Audacious Dreams Organization organized regular training program, camps for the women for on Management of Savings group and ultimately to convert into a Credit Co-operative society which is biggest achievement of women’s group. Now 6000 women are Members of 42 villages. The program has linked with government activities and it is one of active program managed by women’s group managed by themselves.
Audacious Dreams Organization along with Habitat for Humanity Project provided 100 houses to its 100 Women Members. The program is the link between community and Audacious Dreams Organization in the various social and cultural arena.

Vocational Training

We have a computer lab on our site and through basic training programs, school and just general hands on experience, our staff and children have learned a lot over the last few years.We plan to start an official course soon and hope to open this up to the public to better utilize our machines and program. We are currently in discussion with our Local/State Government regarding opening a registered and affiliated polytechnic center. It is our dream to have this project off the ground by mid-2016.
All of our computers use the latest software and thanks to the support of Google For NonProfits and TechSoup, we have access to some of the best software available on today’s market. Our hope is that, through the skills learned in this center, our children will be given greater career & study opportunities.