Audacious Dreams Foundation

Youth Resource Centre

Youth Resource Centre aims to provide 360 degree angle development opportunities and platform for the deserved grassroots young people in the same environment where they live. Youth are the considerable dividend which is the only force brings changes in every community. Young generation is the key agents for social change, economic development and technological innovation. Youth being the most dynamic, vibrant, creative, energetic, readiness to take up challenges and talented section of the country, it is necessary to channelize this inherent energy towards the nation building process. To make youth a productive human resource we need to provide them Social, Economical, Psychological and Educational, Employment support at right time

Youth are facing several constrains such as educational and training facilities, guidance regarding Career options, Contradictions between their aspirations and traditional attitudes of the society and certainly lack of motivation and support. In this decade when we look forward for development issues like education, employment/self- employment, vocational training, health and leisure time activities have become vital for greater attention to arrest the growth of delinquency, crime, terrorism and other negative tendencies among the youth.

Keeping this in mind, Institute of Youth Affairs and Social Development, Audacious Dreams Foundation in association with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India established the Youth Resource Center and playing a key role as. The YRC will provide the basic facility for the Youth and also act as catalyst for the empowering the young generation.

  • A drop-in space for mentoring & informal discussions (on life and the universe).
  • A library (books, films and magazines that help look at the world down-side up!).
  • Opportunities to take part in sports/cultural festivals, chili-pilis, treks and camps.
  • Opportunity to participate in, Exposures and Workshops that help explore self, society and social change
  • Career planning workshops.
  • Life Skills Training/counseling & Guidance support.
  • Opportunities to join Alternative Livelihood Courses
  • Opportunities to watch and make films – from research, to shooting to editing
  • Fee Support (for needy students/ socially relevant courses).
  • Opportunities for volunteering and participating in solidarity actions
  • Computer literacy training and basic IT facilities;
  • Theatre group for adolescents from slum/rural neighborhoods and resettlement colonies;
  • A recreational component which comprises games like chess, scrabble, monopoly, Ludo, and Table Tennis.
  • Periodic workshops on socially and vocationally relevant issues;
  • Discussion group for adolescent boys and girls to encourage interaction and share information;
  • Counseling for children-both behavioral and vocational training guidance;
  • English speaking and personality development;
  • Single Platform for all services and information
  • Reliable Help Center for Youth at the local level
  • Fulfilling the aspirations of the youth in their comfort zone
  • Easily accessible and economic service and information providing centre for Youth
  • To Channel Young People to: Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship activities
  • To ensure the right over the Natural Resource and to Strengthen Local Government Institutions